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Vintner's Cellar Winery of Yorktown is an urban (suburban?) winery in Yorktown, VA. Jennifer & Glen Parks started the winery in 2006 as a place where the local community could come in to learn about winemaking and make custom wines. 

Today, Vintner's Cellar Yorktown remains Yorktown, Virginia's only winery. The winery is now under the ownership of Brandon & Janet Johnson who have maintained the Vintner's Yorktown tradition of a family owned winery.

Vintner's Cellar Winery of Yorktown has a storefront tasting room and production space where we handcraft upwards of 40 wine varietals. We specialize in small batch fruit fusion wines and offer a casual tasting environment. It's an unconventional take on wine that our customers have come to love. 

Wine Glasses Hanging from Rack
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